A Conclusion

I have come to a conclusion,

Yes a conclusion about medicine and the law

For it seems so perfectly clear to me

That medicine has become

but a subspecialty of law


As I espy my young colleagues

In their bustling hurry to conquer death

I witness our new millennium of dictated laws

Our exalted, our laid upon us

From powers above


Our algorithms for war

Our war, this war against disease

Much I fear, has become a war against



Mighty algorithms, for doing and not doing

For following proven steps to conquer

Surely will braven us to win our battle


For where resides compassion

As it has no sword to slay?

Therefore, my young doctors

I see you averting the frightened eyes

Instead, you gaze deeply into your Washington Manual

Seeking the correct pathway to endure, insure and conquer


Your new laws,

These written words to follow, to succeed

Are but marks to read

And when obeyed will grant you

A peer’s unsmiling nod


Yet, bravely, if you dare

Raise your eyes and touch the being

There before you


See not a problem to solve, a thing to prevail

A path to accolades

Instead my young healer

See yourself and the wonders of




Robert Keller MD, 7/9/17

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