Stem Cell Therapy for pain relief

If you are suffering from chronic pain, back pain, knee, shoulder, joint or elbow pain relief can be hard to find. For years, sufferers of chronic pain have been left with little to no options to find relief, but advances in medicine have shown great success with using your bodies own stem cells (or regenerative cells) to treat, repair and find relief.

Stem Cells Therapy is done in office and involves harvesting of regenerative cells also known as stem cells from your fat. These regenerative cells are then isolated and then injected into the damages areas, they can also be infused intravenously. Regenerative cells reduce inflammation and pain by slowing down future degeneration of the diseased area. Additionally, regenerative cells have the ability to repair damaged joints, tendons, connective tissue and bone.

If you are tired of suffering from pain and discomfort now is the right time to try stem cell therapy. Call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact us here!

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